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12 Apr 2019




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Review by Frederick Barton (Cybersecurity Editor)

on 05 Feb 2018

The Internet has its fair share of downsides, with privacy risks and regional restrictions being just a few examples. Fortunately, VPN software can make your experience smoother. They can make it look like you are from a different part of the world, which can have many benefits. PenguinProxy gives you the possibility of rerouting your connecting through a secure virtual private network. Thanks to its simplicity, even a complete beginner can secure their connection at a moment's notice.

PenguinProxy is available for all major operating systems, including the latest Windows versions. The software doesn't need to be installed, so you only have to download one executable and run it. There are no special tools or drivers you have to install.

Simplicity is one of the application's main advantages. It comes with a compact user interface, with only three options. You can reroute your connection immediately, with a single click. Additionally, you can set the application to connect you to a any server or to one from the US. Another option is to activate an adblock feature.

Connecting to a VPN server is done quite fast. Once you are connected, you may surf the web as usual. The only difference is the fact that you will be seen with a different IP address. As a result, when you connect to a website or any service, it will be as if you are from another country. Another advantage is the fact that you can access websites and services that are normally unavailable in your country.

A single click is all it takes to secure your connection and ensure your privacy, when using PenguinProxy.


You can connect to a VPN server with a single click. The application lets you choose between international and US servers. It is also possible to activate an adblock feature.


Your browsing speed may be affected a bit when you are connected to a VPN.



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PenguinProxy has been reviewed by Frederick Barton on 05 Feb 2018. Based on the user interface, features and complexity, Findmysoft has rated PenguinProxy 5 out of 5 stars, naming it Essential


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